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03.04.2011 |

Ondřej Pála is European Champion!

Ondřej Pála is European Champion!

Ondřej Pála is the WBO European Champion. The MÉDEA BOXING TEAM star defeated Ukrainian rival, Alexej Mazikin, in the seventh of twelve rounds with a technical K.O.

It didn’t look that way after the match though... “Those that know me, know I’m not satisfied with my performance in any fight, but my trainer was satisfied. I’m glad I survived the fight – even despite the fact that I was limited by an injured right shoulder. I tried to box with my left as much as possible, and use my right for the lower punches. My shoulder hurts now, of course, but I’ll have enough time to put myself back together,” said Pála, evaluating the fight. Despite the fact that he practically didn’t give Mazikinov a chance with his smart performance.

"The tactic we came up with against Mazikin worked brilliantly. He waited for me to push to the front, like I did in our last match, but this time I boxed from a retreating position. He had to go after me a lot, and I wanted to tire him. It really worked perfectly. Winning this title is, for now, my life’s victory and a big step forward in my career,” added Ondřej Pála.

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