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MÉDEA BOXING TEAM is a Prague boxing club, whose number one is the best Czech professional in the super-heavyweight category, Europan Champion Ondřej Pála, and also World champion Arleta Krausová.



The creation and operation of the club is the work of  Jaromír Soukup – businessman, manager, promoter and professional boxer. “The beginnings of the team date back to the year 2000. Back then we were training amateur boxers. Two years later, when we opened our first gym, we began to focus on professional boxing. From that time onward, a whole line of boxers and kick-boxers, including Petr Vondráček and Ladislav Kutil have passed through the Médea Boxing Team. “For example, one of our trainers is Rosťa Osička,” says Soukup.

Today our team of fighters is seen after by an implementation team led by Jurij Krivoručko. “I’m convinced that we are working to the best of our potential. I believe in everyone on the team like I believe in myself,” add the owner of the stable. “I’ve got people on our team who have dedicated their lives to boxing and sacrifice themselves to the daily hard work required. I’m very proud of them,” concludes Jaromír Soukup.