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27.11.2011 |

Ondřej Pála defends European Champion title

Ondřej Pála defends European Champion title

Professional boxer Ondřej Pála defended his title of WBO European Champion in the heavyweight category. He defeated American Darnell Wilson in Trabzon, Turkey 3:0 on points (120:111, 118:110, 118:110).


“Everyone knows I’m not satisfied after any fight. Even this time there were some mistakes, it could have been better from my side,” was the evaluation of the MÉDEA BOXING TEAM fighter. “In the ninth round Wilson caught me with a rear hook and I have to admit that I was close to the count,” divulged Pála, who however endured the situation.


“Otherwise, thing went according to plan and I carried out the tactics that my trainer Krivoručko and I devised. I boxed with technically, for the long run and wanted to tire my rival out. I have to admit, though, that Wilson surprised me a little, with how prepared he was. I didn’t expect him to be able to stand so much. He was pretty beat up after the match and apparently they took him right to the hospital. But he finished the match,” added the Czech boxer whose victory pushed him to his desired goal in the form of a duel with Vladimir Klička


The victory over Wilson, in addition to defending the title of European Champion, being the nineteenth triumph in a row and the jubilee thirtieth victory in a professional career, means another step closer to the desired goal of a duel with Vladimir Klička. “A match should be agreed, the winner of which will box with him,” says Pála. The rival in this “elimination” match should be the third place on the boxrec.com chart, Robert Helenius. That is, the absolute top. “But he’s also just a person, and you can certainly box him. I believe in myself,” Pala is ready.